VPNC-Nortel for Mac OS X (10.7)

I always wanted to connect my MacBook Pro to my University network using VPN when I am not in the University. But the Apani Nortel Contivity VPN Clients provided by my University are compatible only until Mac OS X 10.4. So I installed an open-source VPN Client for this. Luckily I found a detailed instructions for installing VPNC-Nortel for Mac OS X in this website. I followed those instructions with some modifications until I have a working VPN connection. And it works like a charm. 🙂

Here are my steps:

  1. Install Xcode 4 from Mac App Store.
  2. Install MacPorts.
  3. Follow the steps written here.
  4. When I compile the software, I got this error message:
    /usr/include/stdio.h:449: error: previous declaration of ‘getline’ was here
    make: *** [sysdep.o] Error 1
  5. So I added this line:
    #define HAVE_GETLINE 1

    to #if defined(__APPLE__) section in sysdep.h to correct the issue.

  6. After the compilation finished without error:
    sudo cp vpnc /usr/sbin/
    sudo cp vpnc-disconnect /usr/sbin/
  7. Soon after I run the program, it was terminated by dead peer detection. So I run it with this command:
    sudo vpnc --dpd-idle 0
  8. To disconnect:
    sudo vpnc-disconnect

Here is my configuration file:

Vendor nortel
kernel ipsec
IPSec gateway my_university_vpn_server
Local Port 45000
IKE Authmode gpassword
IKE DH group dh2
IPSec ID my_group_name
IPSec secret my_group_password
Xauth username my_personal_username
Xauth password my_personal_password

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4 thoughts on “VPNC-Nortel for Mac OS X (10.7)

    1. Use something like this:

      kernel ipsec
      IPSec gateway YOURGW
      IPSec secret YOURGRPPASS

      Vendor nortel
      Nortel Client ID V06_01
      IKE DH Group dh2
      IKE Authmode PIN-token
      NAT Traversal Mode natt

      Xauth username YOURUSERNAME
      Xauth PIN YOURPIN (or you can comment it out, and you’ll be asked for PIN)

      but I coulnt manage it to work: VPNC connection established,
      but no Internet and I cannot reach web proxy

      seems like a routing issue

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